Monday, February 06, 2012

Little (Indiscrét) World Views - Monday Morning Humor

I'm an all-natural, found-stuff-only type of girl when it comes to photography. 

Man, oh, man!  Every now and again, the universe delivers a gem!

Have you ever noticed the lines outside the ladies' room?  Intermission to a concert, a play...before or after the cinema?  Always with a line.

The men's room, on the other hand seems to have a revolving door with people breezing right in - and right out.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this line of guys after the marché Saturday morning!

Each day between noon and 13h (1pm), the vendors at the marché rush around to break down their stands.  They toss their stuff around to get it out of the way as they load up and move out to make room for the hungry lunch crowd.  Apparently these guys got tossed aside in just the right spot for a much needed a 'pit stop' after a tough day of modelling woolen goods.

The random universe has quite a sense of humor, non?

Yours ... waiting in the other line,


déjà pseu said...

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

HA HA! I can't believe they just left them there! This is hilarious!

la fourchette said...

déjà pseu, made me laugh, too! And me taking a photo of this made a few onlookers chuckle, en plus!

Kris, They were just loading their truck and had put these guys aside to load up in whatever order mannequins go into a truck...after pee breaks perhaps...too funny, non?

donna said...

actually they look rather dignified....look at that patient, and taking their turn.....have a question for you 3 photos back.....i am still enraptured with the light and glass.....was that taken on your iphone....and what apps do you have if it was......(not insinuating the app gets the credit)......just curious about the technique

la fourchette said...

donna, confident posture is probably necessary when you have to pee right out there in front of god and everybody! ;}

Yes, it's my iPhone...still in love! it's the hipstamatic app with no editing. the light is actually really something in that spot in the morning. there is a reflection from the carafe onto the terre cotta pitcher behind that I suspect may show up no matter what. i just use a b&w film with it - very same thing all the other shots are taken with...fountain, boys in line...all the same. it's all about the light, non?!

donna said...

merci....just bought an iphone a week ago...a mac lover but never had the phone...thanks for info....AND yes it's all about the light!!!!

la fourchette said...

donna, de rien.

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