Saturday, February 11, 2012

Little World Views - Saturday Housekeeping

These beauties...

...and a bit of this...

...and a pinch of elbow grease and the world will look a bit brighter after this Saturday ritual!

Bon weekend à tous!

Yours - up to my elbows,


Virginia said...

Which begs the question, WHY don't I fill up my suitcase with big chunky blocks for French savon when I"m there? I love that photo. I'm pinning it! :)

PS Keep the scrub brushes!HA

Anonymous said...

While I am getting lazier as I get older, I STILL like a clean house. I love the smell of everything after it has been given a good scrubbing, a trait that I know came from my grandmother. She was fastidious about the ritual of cleaning. LOL

la fourchette said...

Virginia, because those little 600 gram blocks add up when lugging them at the other side! How, you might ask, do I know?!? You cannot imagine the things I schlepped back to the US while traveling here...then *back* to France when I moved here! Really. Trust me on this one. You.Can't.Imagine! ;} Thanks for the 'pin'...I'm way behind on that one.

PS: I'm with you on the scrub brushes...and the rest of housework, for that matter!

Kris, I like that clean smell, too...errr...if someone else gets it that way! ;} I need someone like your grandmother! (Notice: no laughing out loud here. Really! I need someone like her!)

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