Friday, February 10, 2012

Little World Views

I need to get a new key made so I can get into the front door of my building to climb these stairs...

Since the door has been 'fixed', my key has not worked in it and I've been having to ring one of my neighbors to buzz me in.  Not that those lovely neighbors didn't appreciate the banana bread I made as a petite merci, but banana bread can only be good for so many buzzes!

Wish me luck!

Yours in hopes of snagging a working set of keys to my kingdom,


AL said...

I can understand the frustration, but if I were your voisin, I'd happily let you in any time for banana bread in return. When I tire of the banana bread perhaps something au citron would be nice Leslie.

Dungha said...

Excellent work, excellent blog!
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate that? We have had keys that don't fit into old locks when we have had to make copies of the keys. It can be so frustrating.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend. Try to stay warm. It is supposed to be very cold for here in Texas Saturday and Sunday. The weatherman said it was going to be "raw" and that can't be good!!

la fourchette said...

AL, too funny! I just had a major fail preparing my trusty old soufflé au citron the other evening...I was chatting away while trying to execute a soufflé...errr...not really a good idea. I'll stick to banana bread...and as long as it unlocks doors, it's all good!

Dungha, thank you. What a nice thing to say. Thanks for stopping in!

Kris, Yes, the key thing is frustrating - especially here. It ended up being an all-day real surprise. I have one working key and one to be corrected tomorrow. 25€ a pop. As to your upcoming 'raw' weather: No - that can't be good. In fact, in my book, the only thing that is good in reference to 'raw' is sashimi. ;}

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