Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wednesday Window on Provence - Kitchen Magic

Today is a teaching day for me so I'm only here for a moment to share some additional kitchen magic - from yesterday morning. 

What a beautiful world, non?  How lucky are we?!?

Yours in the belief that everything's all light!


la Brocanteuse said...

Have a super day Leslie!

Ann Knickerbocker said...

I love these serendipitous moments... lovely juxtaposition of hard and soft... happy teaching!

donna said...

Dear Leslie, you seems to have a magic kitchen.....can you share your magic secrets with me?

Anonymous said...

Is that Rosemary I see sitting upon your plates? If it is I adore it!

Hope you day is/was wonderfu! ( I believe it is nearly 7:00 p.m. there).

la fourchette said...

Col, thank you, m'dear! Hope yours was the same! (I'm late to the party this evening.)

Ann, thanks! It was 'happy teaching'! I, too, love these 'light dances' in my little kitchen! (I've always been easily entertained.)

donna, not so secret, really: i suspect this is the result of many years of clapping for tinkerbell. ;}

Kris, Rosemary it is! And sage just behind...a bundle I picked up in the marché one morning. (23h30 now! yikes! where do these days go?!?)

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