Thursday, February 09, 2012

Little World Views

With fingers crossed for continued good luck, this season's cold (cold as in rhume, grippe*...the stuff that knocked me flat for the entire month of February last year and reordered my world) has been mild...

...but for a little lingering cough.

Yours, catching any of my little left-over coughs in a dainty mouchoir,

* rhume:  cold   
   grippe:  flu


AL said...

UGH! I hate getting colds, and fingers crossed I haven't had one for about 18months...but we are on the other side of winter here so who knows? With luck your mild attack will be short-lived. What a lovely ornate drainpipe.

donna said...

that's just where i've been....things went down "the drain" fast on sunday and i left work within 5 minutes of getting there! la grippe....but thanks to my homeopathic concoction it turned it around muy rapido.......homeopathics 1 la grippe 0

Anonymous said...

I've been extremely lucky this colds, flu or anything this year with the exception of gallbladder surgery. I feel very fortunate and blessed!

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