Thursday, February 02, 2012

Little World Views

I remember a quote that promoted the idea that "if you love something, let it go..." 

Seems reasonable in an existential kind of way.

Here in France, there's something else going on.  We're lockin' love down here!

This is one of the images on this month's Cards of the Month selection...only in color.

The Pont des Arts is a pedestrian bridge that links the palais du Louvre to the l'Institut de France.  For ages, artists and photographers have frequented the place for its perspective and views. Now international lovers have plugged it into their GPS devices as a place to declare undying love - well, mostly undying love....more on that later.

The charming collection of locks are placed on the linked fence and the keys are tossed into the Seine - so romantic, don't you think?  The city of Paris? ...errr...not so much as occasionally there is a sweep in which the fence is cleared of all of the cadenas d'amour.  But as they say, "love is blind" - and sometimes stubborn - as the persistent romantics keep showing up to lock it up with their amoureuses/amoureux

The next two days will be an hommage to le Pont des Arts and lovers all along the spectrum of romantic love.  Curious?  Check back in to see what I mean.

Yours in love...with le Pont des Arts,


donna said...

such sweetness......and yes love is has to be in order for it to be innocently real.......i collect rocks with heart shapes....found one in Loumarin that had a heart shape inside the rock.....will search to my end days ; )

Anonymous said...


I've read about this and have looked at photos of the fence. In my younger years, I would have wanted to travel to France to do just this "show my undying love". Ah, young love!

Unfortunately, as we age we become a bit more realistic about it. I really love this photo in black and white.

la fourchette said...

donna, it is sweet, n'est-ce pas? (what a lovely collection - the heart shaped rocks.)

Kris, young love was fun - painful, but fun! {That 'realistic' part that kicks in later has me really appreciating bodhi as my roommate these days! ;} Glad you like the b and white...I'm sooooo loving being back to black...and white! Back to how it all began...

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