Monday, February 13, 2012

Little World Views

Let's keep it simple to begin the week...

Hope your week is off to a gentle start!

Yours - right along with you in the unfolding,


Anonymous said...

That photo reminds me of winter...the leaves curled up in a pile by the steps. We had snow flurries here last night and it is raining here today...not a very start to the week! Sigh....

I guess you heard about Whitney Houston? So sad, she had such a beautiful voice and was so young to have died.

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

In what year were the stairs built? I would like to have a little history with these pics to help keep things in perspective!!!


Bubba's Person

gerri said...

I so enjoy your daily contributions as they brighten and cheer my everyday life.
They also remind me that the pleasures in life are found in the small things.Thank you

la fourchette said...

Kris, it's sooooo cold here. I've taken to just accepting that I grunt - yes, you read that correctly - I *grunt* as I walk down our little rues. Grunt like a sumo wrestler. Whew! I hope it warms up soon, 'cause it's just not a pretty sight when I have to be outside! Hope it warms up for you, too. And yes, sad about Whitney Houston. A real talent.

BP, I don't know the history on this...dommage. (what a shame) It's a little set of stairs that I pass when I take Bodhi for a romp in the Parc de la Torse. We walk right past it and it happens to be near the caretaker's place at the cemetière St. there must be some history there. I'll see what I can dig pun intended. ;}

gerri, Thank you so much! What a lovely thing to say! I'm so pleased you are here to share these sweet pleasures...the *real* stuff of daily life, non?

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