Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Little Sparkle For Your Sunday

I spent a chunk of my day yesterday under this lovely chandelier at le coiffeur...

...and skipped out (okay...perhaps I didn't actually skip...but I certainly felt like it!) with another great cut.  Life is lookin' good from under my newly coiffed mop...and I've been in search of someone to tame the aforementioned mop for seven years!

Bon dimanche,


Elizabeth Eiffel said...

I can certainly relate to this. My frizzy mop has caused me great distress over the years until I recently found Emma. I have resigned myself to that fact that I will never look sophisticated, but at least I look "funcky" rather than one of MacBeth's witches.
Bonne semaine

Virginia said...

I'd love to see your new do! I think you got some nice photographs along with the great cut! A PLUS.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! I would have loved to have spent the day under a chandelier that is as beautiful as that one!

I'm glad you were satisfied with your hair. Nothing is worse than leaving a Salon and NOT "loving" your hair!!!

la fourchette said...

Elizabeth, yup! I think you're hearing me loud and clear...and 'funky' is exactly what I go for! {Perhaps I should clarify that I've not gone uncut in that seven-year was your MacBeth's witches comment that made me think I should make that clear! I can soooo relate to what you're saying here! ;}

V, Thanks...yes, it was quite the double double whammies go.

Kris, Isn't that a pretty one? I'm delighted to be 'loving' my hair when I walk out of the salon these days...there've been some tough years that have gone before this. I think it's a 'girl thing'. Things are definitely looking up.

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