Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tying Up Loose Ends

Two new keys now work to give me access to my building.  Like many things in this little French life, the process was not easy - especially because it took the better part of a snowy day back and forth from the 'artisanal' keymaker before the 25€ key actually worked.  (In my frustration, I firmly asked for a reimboursement for the key which didn't work.  The keymaker's response?  He laughed at me.  That's right.  Not a laugh due to something funny I managed to mangle in French but a contemptuous, condescending laugh.  Par for the course.  Not one of my favorite parts of living as a mildly feminist American in a patriarchal culture....but I digress...) 

The second key was made to order at my favorite quincaillerie* and both are now in fine working order.  And it's a good thing because today's high is only going to be 36ºF and I don't want to spend one second more than necessary outside of that door.  When I last checked, it was 26º and the 'feels like' temp was 17º.  Which prompts this California girl to ask:  Are those even temperatures?!?

Bon dimanche à tous!

Yours...cuddling with my lap-warmer, Bodhi,

ps:  The flowers?  My favorite Saturday ritual:  le marché aux fleurs

* quincaillerie:  hardware store


John Atkinson said...

At least the keys add some extra value as still life models. Pretty shot.

Hang in there, California girl.

la fourchette said...

John, that's very nice of you to say. I'm not so confident about posing still life shots...I prefer the discovered gems that pop up in my life. And yes, all the trips through the snowy day ended up with the desired result of access to my building...and gave me a good chance to practice my French! (The cranky guy who laughed at me *did* fix my key to end up working...seems only fair...we got there.)

AL said...

With the price of those keys I think you should have just let me unlock the door for you and you can keep supplying the banana bread! It'd be a lot cheaper Leslie :)

la fourchette said...

AL, Hah! Cheaper indeed! And a real win/win solution for everyone as it would have been much more fun than dealing with that unpleasant character at the key place.

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