Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bon Dimanche

I had a stately and magnificent façade to the eglise in my 'hood for you today but I'm just back from the marché aux fleurs so...instead you'll get a splash of color and a spot of sunshine for this Sunday.

I'm anxious for spring to arrive! 

What's that you say?  You figured that out? 


Is it that obvious?!

Bon dimanche à tous!

Yours in foot-tapping anticipation for the real deal,


AL said...

Oh, how lovely, Leslie...I havne't seen 'pussy-willow' for AGES! When I lived in England it was one of the harbingers of Spring, and as kids we always went home to mum with snapped-off twigs of it, along with early daffodils which we would 'steal' from other peoples gardens in the village! I remember that absolute need for the end of winter. This is a delightful picture.

Kris said...

I love pussy willows and I love your photo. I am already getting a taste of spring here. By the middle of this week it will be 72 degrees here. I really feel that we have been in the spring of the year all winter here.

la fourchette said...

AL, what a lovely comment....thank you. And what a sweet souvenir! I remember pussy-willows from a time in my childhood spent in northern California. Of course, for me, I imagined the tiny fluffs as little pets. Now I have bodhi so these went into a vase. ;}

Kris, thank you, m'dear! Our temps are getting more mild as well. Whew...and yippppeeeee! Yay spring...or almost!

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