Saturday, February 04, 2012

Little World Views - La Grande Finale

Need to make a statement of personal empowerment to take your life back and move on?  

Here's one way:

Je t'aime pas = I don't love you.

As I wandered the length of the lovers' bridge, this particular specimen took me quite by surprise...and then it made me giggle.  I suppose we can all relate to definitive moments like this.  

Isn't life wonderful in all of its messiness and complication?!  Not to mention all of the creative ways we choose to navigate the messy mystery!

Bon weekend à tous!

Yours...locked outta luv  ;} 


donna said...

can totally relate to this......just you get tired of seeing the same people commenting on your blog????.....i could disguise myself and become another truly i can't...i'm too honest of a person : ))

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL, I love the way you end your posts! LOL LOL

Yes, life can be messy especially when it involves the heart which is usually the case. I was told once that life is all about love...some not getting enough, some getting to much, some not knowing what to do with the love they have. Who would have ever thought that the word love, such a beautiful word, with so much meaning, would turn out to be so complicated. Sigh...

I'm also curious like Donna, do you ever get sick of the same people leaving comments? Cause if you do to bad! HAHA I love your blog♥

Deborah said...

Beautiful photo - why does the black and white make it seem sadder? Though not as sad as if the padlock read, "Je t'aime PLUS"...

la fourchette said...

donna, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I absolutely *do not* get tired of seeing the same lovely people leaving comments! If it weren't for you all I'd be kind of toute a 'if someone posts lovely black and white photos in the forest and no one is there to see them' ... get my drift. I mixed my zen metaphors there a bit but it would be a totally different gig here at La Fourchette without my faithful commentators!

Kris, thanks...and curtsy here. (Perhaps it's that heart that makes life so messy, non?) And do I get sick of the same comment peeps? Nevah! See above.

I really appreciate my regular comment peeps and if I don't say that enough, I need to take notice and let it be known more. Thank you for being here day after day!

Deborah, merci! many times! I've heard that from others as well...some have described my work as 'somber'...perhaps it's the black and white. And I'm sure if I sorted through those locks there must be one there that says, 'Je t'aime PLUS'...I'll be on the look-out!

Anonymous said...

You're not alone Leslie. I'm sure there are lots of others like me who check in with you daily but don't always comment. I love reading about one of my favorite cities and seeing your lovely photos.


la fourchette said...

Emily, you are absolutely correct...I do know this as La Fourchette receives several hundred daily hits.

I often do the same thing: peek into blogs I enjoy without without leaving any trail of crumbs...or comments.

Comments or not, it's really nice to know you're all out there! And thanks so much for the kind words.

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