Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little World Views

Here's the original post for today, the delivery having been delayed due to snow...or more like 'due to my wonder of snow'!

You're going to need one of these...

...for next month!

Cards of the Month are out tomorrow!  Stop in to see what's in store for February.

Yours in postal anticipation,


donna said...

how come even mailboxes look "cool" in france?....

Linda Carswell said...

Ouch!!! I have just discovered your fabulous blog and have enjoyed a lovely visit...Thank You!!!
I am a HUGE fan of France and it is lovely to see it through the eyes of others....my blog is also stuffed full of images of France if you have the time to take a peak.
I once told my husband that if I ever ran away from home and he wanted to come and find me, I would be in Aix-en-Provence!!!



Anonymous said...

I agree with Donna...It seems everything looks "cool" in France!

la fourchette said...

donna, oh i know. so true.

Linda, Thanks so much for stopping in. My goodness! I hope that 'ouch' is for missing being part of the gang here and not for an injury incurred upon dropping in! ;} Lovely to meet you. Looking forward to sharing more about this place you...we all...love!

Kris, ain't that the verité?!

Anne Tuominen said...

Bonjour, I think we must walk the same paths as what you see in Aix is what I've been seeing since we moved here in August: the Woo-hoo sign, Cafe Vendome, the petit marche...and last weekend I took a photo of those very same mailboxes, in Marseille, right? Quelle coincidence! Your photos are lovely, thanks for sharing.
Anne Tuominen
Ps. In contrast, my impressions of Aix are seen through a sociological lens: Perhaps you'd like a peek. Google The Sociological Observer, or http://atuominen.blogspot.com/

la fourchette said...

Anne Tuominen, ahhhh...such is life in a petite ville, non? Thanks for the kind words about my work.

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