Monday, January 23, 2012

Lundi, Lundi*

*Easily sung to the Mama's and Papa's classic tune, by the way.

In spite of a cold that, after chasing me for a couple of weeks, finally blew by my homeopathic defensive guards left and right, caught up, tackled me and tossed me on the couch where I spent that aforementioned sun-day (a little curtsy, by the way, to the upcoming Super Bowl...about which I have little to no knowledge, but there it is), I'm feeling bright about this start to the week.

I had created a little breathing room for myself this week and hoped it would be a quiet time to chill before work kicks into high gear for the next stretch of months,  but it's weird how the body senses an approaching break and decides to crash.  I'll be taking care in this little retreat.  Perhaps it's good timing after all.

Sending out buckets of flowers to you all to start the week...

Have a lovely one.

Yours in healing (and organizing!) during my few quiet days,


donna said...

a bit of a rainy day....gray and gloomy here.....hope you find a nice comfortable place to dwell while you recover....i am homeopathic also.....and when the body starts heading down the tunnel i have my regimen of 5 things i take every 4 parents have THE best holistic doctor here.....and it's her personal prescription......sending you healing thoughts

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

Sorry to hear that you are down and out, but perhaps taking a nice rest before the next deluge.

However, are those roses yellow, grey, white, red, or ??? Just curious.

By the way, we are having a light rain here today.

Bubba's Person

la fourchette said...

donna, so far so good. this place abounds with homeopaths - who are all md types here. my winter homeopathic 'prevention' (and i must say, it's done a splendid job despite this little tumble...compared to last year, this is nothing!) is a 'recipe', as you say, from a homeopathic doc in the SW of france and shared by a friend of mind in amsterdam. merci for the healing thoughts...i'll take 'em all!

BP, thanks...and yes, I think a bit of a rest is probably exactly how to do this. As to the roses, a mix of all of those colors! Good eye, my friend. I'm kind of digging the barely visible colors I'm playing with these days...just a hint of dimension to the black and white.

Enjoy splashing in puddles...both of you!

Anonymous said...

So sorry that the "bug" finally chased you down, found you and has you on the sofa.

I hope you have a nice period of relaxation and can re-cooperate fully before you're hectic schedule starts up again.

I usually take 4 packets a day of EmergenC...mega doses of vitamin C (1000 mg). It usually helps and in some cases has kept me from coming down with a cold. I don't know of any homeopathic doctors around here...wish I did.

Stay well.

la fourchette said...

Kris, merci, m'dear. I've been doing EmergenC as well...along with a tincture of Eccinacea and a blend of other goodies. I'm convinced it all helped to keep this from hitting me harder...but hit me it did. dammypoo. I'm blaming it on the guy in the poste who coughed all over me about 10 days ago. It's one of the hazards here: French politesse doesn't seem to include covering one's mouth when one is sick. A big manners miss in my book.

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