Sunday, January 08, 2012

Little World Views...Paris

Wishing you a sweet Saturday!  (nope, not in Paris at the moment...but a girl can dream!)

Bear with me as I do a little renovation on the blog...and please let me know your thoughts in the process!  Thanks...for both.
bon weekend!


la fourchette said...

ooops! it was saturday when i started this process...somehow we slipped into sunday.

Anonymous said...

I was so surprised when I went to you blog to read your newest post!! I love the new look!

I just finished writing a post about a change in the direction I wanted for my blog. I hope you will still continue to visit.

Nice photo!!

Mary said...

Good job ! I like the new look ! Less girly but "sober". The gray background highlights the black writing.Good for my eyes !
Have a nice 2nd january 2012 Sunday ! heu.... Bon 2eme dimanche de janvier 2012 !

la fourchette said...

Kris, of course I'll still visit! Or at least I'm going to try to improve on my cyber-space visits to my blogging pals...I get caught up in the work-week. The only thing changing here is the look - and perhaps my leap into reclaiming my original intention for coming to France: photography! Ahhh yes, change is in the air!

Mary, merci! The text should be loading in a light color! Let me know if it's continuing to load in black...yikes! That would be tough to read...good eye exercise, perhaps, but tough to read.

Mary said...

Sorry Leslie ! I wrote the wrong word! I wanted to say :"The gray background highlights the WHITE text . Good for my eyes ! "
Yes, It's easier to read with the new look, not more difficult ! So Thanks for the new design !
Congratulations ! Don't worry, you're good in computer !

la fourchette said...

Mary, oh goodness! no worries. I just never know how people are seeing things given that monitors are calibrated differently and what I code in may not translate to some. I just wanted to check...'cuz *black* on this charcoal background would've have sent people packing! Thanks for clarifying...and I'm glad the new color is easy on *all* of our eyes.

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