Friday, January 27, 2012

Little World Views - Part 2

Will you be having sake with that order?

Yours wrapped in seaweed { and soaking in sake ;} as we bring this week to a close,


donna said...

i'll skip the sake....i guess i never developed the taste....but the sushi , or sashimi....well that's another thing....i don't believe i even HAVE a favorite....if it's good quality, my favorite would be whatever i just ordered and is in front of me.....hung out at Yoji in Aix a few times when we were i had been in Europe 3 weeks and missed my fish......

Anonymous said...

Not a sake or sushi person....never developed a taste for either.

Funny husband use to have to take clients out who came here on business from Japan. Two of the gentlemen were in fairly high positions in the company who was doing business with husband's company.

They would want to go out for sake and sushi and at that time there was only two places that served Japanese food. After a couple of visits, they had picked one of the two places as a favorite and that is where they would go.

Anyway, every time the two of them went there, they would get so drunk on sake that one of the two would fall asleep at the table and the other one had to be helped out of the restaurant. LOL LOL Husband used to say to me that he never saw two people who could drink soooo much sake at one setting!

la fourchette said...

donna, me, too, actually. never been a fan. this will show my age but i always likened the taste of sake to 'ditto fluid' - the stuff we used to have to fill the mimeograph machines with to make purple copies for class when i was teaching. (not that i've made a practice of drinking ditto fluid, mind you...but the smell and the consistency...just can't get past it.)

Kris, too funny, that! I'm a lightweight. In California it was a glass of chardonnay. Here I order an Asahi beer...I'm good for about half! I'd never make it with your husband's old clients!

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