Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Les Pyjamas du Chat*

* The cat's pajamas

These two cuties are exactly that:  the cat's pajamas!
"Why?" you may ask?
Because they are the only cats to which I'm not allergic!

Pajamas aside, they're no ordinary cats. As the French author, Colette, said  
"Il n'y a pas de chat ordinaire**." 
(I wonder if she was allergic?)   

Yours on the mend - and still in my pajamas,

**There are no ordinary cats.


donna said...

i LOVE the teensy tiny bits of color.....and that's also about how i like my cats......metal.......apologies to cat lovers everywhere.......

laura said...

Love the green!

la fourchette said...

donna, thanks. perhaps my new style 'branding'! (i'm with you on the cats...in metal, that is.)

laura, hellloooooo! merci! it's fun with just a splash.

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad you are on the mend. I am also allergic to cats. I can be in a room with them and all the sudden my eyes start to water, I become stuffed up and start sneezing. Funny how you can be allergic to say, cats but not dogs. When I had allergy tests ran several years ago, I was allergic to just about everything horsehair included?? I still don't understand how I could have become allergic to horsehair.

la fourchette said...

Kris, merci. Even better today - yippppeeee! Me too...on all counts. Horses, cats, most dogs...all make me sneeze and wheeze. But not my dear bodhi! I had done quite a bit of research to determine if there was a hypo-allergenic breed and bichon tops the list. To test it out, I cuddled him and stuck my face in his when I first met him at 7 weeks. Not a single tickle. Not a single sneeze. And unless he gets a bit dusty from frolicking out and about, he remains a source of joy and not of respiratory misery. whew! 'Cuz after that initial cuddle, I would have had to adopt him anyway! ;}

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