Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Window on Provence

What have we here?

A touch of impressionism?  A throwback to the pictorial style?  

What say you?  What is this?  

Yours in the mystery,

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Deborah said...

Looks like an elephant up there blowing the clouds!

Anonymous said...

Humm, I see a baby who's little legs are lifted up near the face..I can see his toes! HA

I used to lay in the grass as a child and look up to the clouds and create all sorts of things. FUN way to spend an afternoon.

The clouds look fierce in this picture.

donna said...

it's alfred sisley meets monet meets ansel adams to me ........clouds meets softness meets black and white.....hope you get my drift

Mary said...

Looks like Bodhi who waves with his paw ?!
Have a nice wenesday with Bodhi

la fourchette said...

wow! this is a very creative crowd!

Deborah, It does look like an elephant blowing the clouds! I hadn't seen that but now I can't stop seeing it!

Kris, I used to do the same thing: lay in the grass and watch clouds, naming each shape as it morphed. Still one of my favorite things...and the example I use when I teach meditation, by the way! If you can do that, you can meditate.

donna, yup! i'm following you on this...quite a meeting of masters you've got going there, clever girl.

Mary, Bodhi only waves with his paw when I make him. ;} (thanks...I'll pass along your good wishes to him.)'re all right about the clouds...a hint along with the answer tomorrow...

bonne nuit à tous!

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