Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Word Views...and the Mystery Solved!

Our lucky game players yesterday were right on the monnaie (or better yet, 'right on the Monet') with the cloud recognition...but were they in the sky?

Take a closer look...and here's a hint:

...and now the clincher clue:

That's right!  Reflections in the Canal de Provence - flipped!  On the same wander that brought you the Aqueduc Roquefavour, the path edged the canal.

For the past two millennia, there have been countless attempts to bring water to the arid region of Lower Provence.  Roman generals, medieval and Renaissance engineers, 19th century entrepreneurs and present day public authorities have all dug canals and raised aqueducts in the pursuit quenching the area's thirst.

Of all these achievements, the Canal de Provence is one of the most ambitious - not to mention, the most effective.
  In 1957 the city of Marseille, in collaboration with the departments of Var and Bouches-du-Rhône, established a new authority to manage and distribute the precious resource.  They recognized that water was the key to the area's economic development and developed a plan and system to make it plentiful and available all through the year.

More than half a century and 2 billion Euros investment later, the Canal de Provence delivers water to more than 2 million people in 110 towns and villages; 6,000 farms with a total of 45,000 irrigated hectares, and 500 factories large and small*.

This vast network of canals, tunnels and aqueducts, runs for close to 700 kilometres from Gréoux-les-Bains to the water reservoirs in the Marseille, Aix and Toulon areas.

Thanks for playing.  You can pick up your parting gift at the door on the way out.  [You know I'm kidding here, right?!  :]

Yours in watery reflection,

*Stats and research from ITER Organization


déjà pseu said...

Lovely pictures! The water must have been so still to get those clear reflections.

donna said...

ah a tricky one you are.......i know you said that you don't alter it makes sense that it's a water reflection.....great minds think was just down at the beach doing water-sand reflections...i'll send you one

Anonymous said...

My word! I never would have thought this photo was filpped!!! A~M~A~Z~I~N~G.

Interesting history!

la fourchette said...

déjà pseu, merci, m'dear. And yes, that's what struck me: no wind. Cold, but the air was still and the water was like a mirror...except for the occasional artistic swirl going on here and there.

donna, cool! look forward to seeing your rendition of reflections! merci par avance!

Kris, I know. Fun, huh?!

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