Friday, January 06, 2012

Little World Views

Dusk on a winter day...

Yippeeee!  It's Friday!  Enjoy...



déjà pseu said...

I love the light in winter. And this is my favorite time of day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday to you too! I love the photo. Are those peeling white birch trees I see in your picture? They are my most favorite type of trees.

Looking at this photo, brings me a sense of quiet solitude. Soon the stirrings of the shops and caffe's will bring round the noise and music that start a new day. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

Is that Place de Tertre in Montmartre? It is hard to tell because it is a little dark already.

I hope you have a fresh baguette for your evening!

Here it is like a sunny summer day.

Bubba's Person

Anonymous said...

Leslie, Your beautiful photos of Aix make me very nostalgic. My husband and I love your city. We've made several day trips there but would love to plan a longer visit. Does the guy still sit by the fountain in the square dressed as Cezanne?


la fourchette said...

déjà pseu, Oh me, too! I tend to take bodhi out for a walk these days in the dusk when the light is just gorgeous. A part of my decision to live here was to be in this lovely all the artists that came before me.

And here's an observation you might find interesting: some French friends of mine just left this week for a couple of months in Los Angeles to visit their son and daughter-in-law. One of the comments they made before they left was that they remember the last time they were in LA during this winter season and that they found the light to be really harsh..."very white" they said. Compared to the golden wash the winter light bathes us in here, they're right!

Kris, those trees are our famous plane trees - the same that line the cours Mirabeau and many of the allées you see in the region. I love them, too. Reading your description, you'd fit right in here.

BP, Not Paris - just the next best thing, my dear Aix. Bodhi and I were on a walk when I shot this. He's very patient as I stop to "paint with light and shadow".

Emily, merci, mille fois for the encouraging words! You should definitely plan a longer visit and make it more than a day trip. It's a lovely ville to wander around in. The Cezanne character does not sit by the fountain any more...perhaps became less social like Cezanne himself.

Thanks to all for stopping in. I love hearing from you!

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