Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Window on Provence

May your mid-week day be filled with music.  
(Not to mention someone to hold it for you if there are simply too many notes!)

A blog-world pal near Paris is doing a give-away!  Her blog is delightful and a 'must-read' for the inside story and countless tips on how French women of a certain age maintain their lovely French-ness!  Take a peek.



Boho Farm and Home said...

Thank you for the link, Leslie! Here blog is new to me and am so excited to follow her journey too.

donna said...

don't we ALL need someone to hold it for awhile!!!....i have thought that many times along with the thought to run out the back door.....when life the sweet music this morning.....oh that's KUSC......just kidding....and btw the verification word i have to type in today is "YOGICSI"

laura said...

I love it! Also am digging the redesign of your blog (and am missing all the lovely christmas lights - I hate that christmas is over already!).

la fourchette said...

Caroline, enjoy A of a couple of veritable treasure troves of cool info and tips for French girly secrets.

donna, you can say *that* again! hah! made me giggle.

laura, merci, m'dear. You must be basking in some CA sunshine! Soak it up! Winter (and the lights) will be back in no time at all. Seems like a long way off but just wait: it'll be here before you know it...and so will you!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the link. I've heard of her blog but never paid her a visit. I shall try to pop over and take a a peek.


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