Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday Morning Times in New York Times. 

My favorite way to spend a Sunday morning:  a big bowl of strong café au lait and the paper. 

Our version of the NY Times here is the International Herald Tribune, which I occasionally buy at this very kiosk just to get ink on my fingers and enjoy the smell of paper.  Most of my Times reading happens in front of the computer screen these days.  Pity, really...but for the few trees saved by my online reading. 

I much prefer the charm of the ritual:  wandering down to the local kiosk as sweet aromas of warm, yeasty bread waft from the nearby boulangerie; having a brief exchange with the vendeur - usually about the weather; tucking my newspaper under my arm as I find a spot in the morning sunshine at the café in the Place de la Mairie; and finally place my order with the black and white-garbed garçon who whisks by my table, tray held shoulder high.

With the paper opened up in front of me, strong frangrant steam rising from the café that the waiter just set down on the table, I'm settled in for the morning.'s Sunday.

Bon dimanche à tous!

ps:  a recent comment indicates the text is coming through as black in the new look.  is that happening for other people, too?  let me know as it should be loading in a lighter color...easier on the eyes!

The January Cards of the Month are up!  Take a peek and order yours here.


Ann Knickerbocker said...

I am liking this new template and typeface very much! No problems... Love the French newspaper kiosks & miss them... Happy Sunday!

donna said...

hI there, this sunday morning.......a quick jot off to you before i go to work......I personally like the grey the white-black contrast is a bit too extreme for my liking......and loving the fork...but would size it down a tad as it takes over.....eek....hope that wasn't too much to say......loving your blog...any which way it comes.......

donna said...

i also realized that i really like the larger sizing of the pics....many times the appeal of a blog comes to me through how the pictures are displayed ...size, quality, and artistic twist..... i use blogging as an "escape"....and when the pics are large enough for me to "get lost in" visually, i am content (at least momentarily!)

la fourchette said...

Ann, oh good! and thanks. It took some real *tweaking* of my html code!! Crazy, non?! And great fun if you like that sort of thing. It was 3a this morning before I realized I'd been sucked into the vortex of the html and needed to rescue myself...and go to sleep. And yes, I, too, love our kiosks!

donna, i know. that fork is a bit fork-zilla-like, isn't it? I need the width and that's the way it shook down so that may take either 1) some additional work or 2) just getting used to it. on verra. and yes, the changes were made to accommodate the larger sized pics as La Fourchette re-kindles the passion that brought her here in the first place. more subtle changes unfolding and new additions ahead as well...stay tuned!

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