Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mardi Meteo

Our majestic St. Saveur Cathedral (in front of which, all of the festivities took place during Sunday's celebration of Epiphany) is a landmark and anchor in our sweet ville.

A bit of a hodge-podge, this lovely structure.  Built originally on the site of a Roman forum from the first century, it became an 'extreme makeover' project from the 12th to the 19th century with bits and pieces cobbled together from Romanesque, Gothic and Neo-Gothic styles - not to mention the Roman columns from the early Christians of the 6th century.  One might call this a 'rich' architectural history.

Rich, as well, are the legends that swirl around the place.  With a swanky original address along the ancient Roman road, Via Aurelia, the first structue is reported to have been built smack dab on top of a Roman temple dedicated to Apollo.  When the Christians came along, they added their own twist to the ongoing history, claiming that the first church on the site was founded by St. Maximinus of Aix, who arrived in Provence from Palestine with Mary Magdalene and company...in Lazarus' boat.  (You may remember this group from this adventure...followed closely by this one.)

Check out that bain de soleil!  It appears that the sun will be shining as brightly today as it did on Sunday afternoon.  Temps in the mid-50s.  Mistral seems to have lost its frosty breath for the time being.  It's all good.  And you?  What's happening in your 'hood?


* literally:  bath of sunshine (usually referring to sunbathing)

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Anonymous said...

Nice architecture. Unfortunately, it has been raining here since yesterday and we have had clouds since Sunday, which I find a nice change from the sunny Texas weather. It seems we haven't been getting our share of rain here since last year.

It does get a bit old seeing the sun everyday especially in the summer when temperatures are always up near and in the 100's.

donna said...

i found myself sitting there again...inside of the cathedral.....in my mind......it's a lovely memory.....it's in the upper 60's here....will reach 70....we have had a huge burst of spring weather this January....no complaints here......i just pruned the roses...and my backyard is quite bare, as i grow many types of perennials....but come spring-summer a riot of blooms

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

This is my favorite of your posts. Very rich, beautiful, meaningful, and fascinating story!! Thank you so much. The cathedrals and museums are my favorite part of France, besides the food and people of course.

It is very sunny today, high 60's in ole Del Mar.

Thank you for the post!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bubba's Person

la fourchette said...

Kris, I must be part duck because I love the rain...puddles and all. Heat...errr...not so much...I melt (down) long before it hits the 100s!

donna, I'm a frequent visitor of that cathedral. There's a little side chapel (up to the left of the altar area) in which resides a Black Madonna. I sit in there. And a rose lover, you! I had 45 rose bushes in my California garden. Several of them of a variety called 'French Lace'...quelle surprise!

BP, I'm so pleased you liked this. I usually prefer the funky little chapels/eglises but I'm really starting to appreciate the big cathedrals. Museums...goes without saying!

donna said...

2 french lace roses adorn my front yard....in fact...i didn't cut them yet as they still have beautiful roses on them because of the heat spell here......i do know the little side chapel of which you speak...lovely it is...... love ALL little side chapels....no matter where they are!

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