Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Window on Provence

Gotta yen for pizza?

You might not automatically think of France for a pie, but we're so close to Italy that great pizza is easy to come by.  

I know a great place here in Aix en Provence:  La Pizza on rue Aude.

Here's the friendly fellow who'll toss your pizza in the air...and into the oven.

Bon appétit!


laura said...

mmm pizza... maybe I should have said it's okay to dream about pizza as long as you have your own delicious pizza place to go to for dinner afterwards?

donna said...

that was on the wall outside the pizza place, non?.....hubby and i went to La Caleche on rue de la Masse...wasn't too shabby....let's put it this way....better than anything i could get over here....hopefully someday when i return i will be equipped with a list of restaurants that you recommend!!!!

la fourchette said...

laura, and I should have qualified my 'so close to Italy' with 'here in the south'. Especially after your recent swoon over the rare good pizza in your 'hood up north. (Dear readers, take a peek over at laura's blog to see a recent post about pizza...and a picture that had me drooling. In fact, perhaps it was that very pizza post that kicked my little unconscious mind into gear and had me wandering over to La Pizza! I'm so easy that way!)

donna, right you are. You've won the 'pin the pepperoni on the pizza' award for location. I'll have to give La Caleche a try...I don't know it. I *do*, on the other hand, have a few great recommendations for eating in this fair ville...for future trips.


Char said...

wonderful vintage sign

la fourchette said...

Char, the top line reads: La Pizza depuis 1952...(since 1952) - which qualifies as 'vintage' to be sure...and rattles me a bit because...err...then I'm awfully close (if not already there) to qualifying as such, too!

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