Saturday, January 15, 2011

Un Samedi Ensoleillé*

I'd rather be packing this basket up with the fromage, saucisson and fruit that I picked up walking through the market this morning - topped off with a baguette and bottle of wine, of course - and heading off to the sunny side of Mte. Ste. Victoire for a winter pique-nique...

...but I'll be packing a few boxes up chez moi instead as I prepare for The Big Move.

I will, however, be letting the sunshine in all the same.

Bon weekend à tous!


* sunny saturday


Deborah said...

Another superb photo! Again, there's something timeless about it, and yet all the tiny details are there too.

Bonne chance with the move.

Char said...

there are days that a solitary picnic is heaven. i haven't done that in a while....maybe today?

responsibilities...ahh, yes i have a few of those too

Hope Ava said...

Lovely image! I too would prefer to have a day like that... Good luck with your upcoming move...we are trying to sell our place right now too! Have to show the house today in fact, so I better run! Thanks so much for your lovely words on The French Mouse!

Hope Ava

donna said...

so glad i found this blog....glimpses of Aix make my day....thanks!!!

la fourchette said...

Deborah, Thanks! And thanks! One foot in front of the other and I should be on the other side of this move - sometime next month...

Char, Sounds like you know about the need for solitary journeys as well as the times when you have to do the other stuff first. (sigh) C'est la vie.

Hope Ava, Bonne chance on the sale of your house! (Have you ever heard about the little 'truc' of burying a statue of Joseph in the garden?)

donna, I, too, am glad that 1) you found this blog and 2) you are enjoying it! Both things please me.

Thanks again to all who stopped in today. It's so nice to have you out there!


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