Friday, January 07, 2011

Little World Views

I stretched the boundaries of my little French life yesterday to give a seminar in a place about 30 minutes from Aix. (Yes, you can take the girl out of California but you can't take the way Californians measure distance out of the girl.) A lovely drive in the mist of a chilly winter day. Eerie and beautiful.

On the way back - this image arose from the river Durance.

I love my little world.


I've had several messages about subscriptions and no longer receiving the email messages when a new post goes up. That, my dear readers, is due to an errant click and "pouffe" - the loss of my entire La Fourchette contact list some time ago. (Frankly, this is where my system challenges begin to show up. I like to think of myself as artistic rather than inept when it comes to such details.)

With a new breath of life softly blowing on the embers in the kitchen, there is a chair waiting for you at the table. To make sure you get to follow all the action, please take a peek over at the right-hand column and click on "FOLLOW" to re-subscribe to the post updates and add your mugshot to the group already at the table. Let's see if we can hit 50 new followers it possible to reach for that by the end of the month?! On verra...*

To all - new and returning followers - thanks so much for reading because it's lovely to know you're out there!


PS: And yes, I do love my new camera truc** that allows me to make these dreamy images. No need to squint - just bear with me! I'll likely find some sort of balance in my artsy pursuit.

* We shall see...
** thing (as in "thing-a-ma-jig"), trick


Carla said...

HI Leslie, love your pic. incredible and love the effect.. Thanks for sharing your world.. Carla

donna said...

i am an Aix lover....a So Cal girl...that dreams daily about going back....happy to meet you!

la fourchette said...

Hi Carla, Thanks! I rather like the world in soft focus...glad I'm not the only one.

Hello Donna, Welcome! I can really relate to those dreams (and that love affair!) day things will line up and the leap will seem doable. In the meantime, visit often. It will be a pleasure to have another California girl at the table.

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