Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Window on Provence

A winter afternoon in Aix en Provence.


Sara Louise said...

Fantastic photo!

leslie said...

Just lovely. Snowing like crazy here. Have a wonderful day.

la fourchette said...

Sara Louise, Thank you, m'dear. (Still sending comforting thoughts in your direction for the recent 'crunch'!)

leslie, And thank you again. Stay bundled up. Hope you have access to firewood, hot chocolate, lots of soup and a good book! Personally, I love opportunities to hibernate.


Char said...

beautiful shot - i long to be there instead of at my desk, eating leftover spaghetti

la fourchette said...

Char, hah! Made me laugh.

Thanks for the kind words...and bon appétit!


Carla said...

Love this pic... Your a wonderful eye. Carla

la fourchette said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you, Carla.

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