Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Morning Clean-up

The aspirateur* is sprawled out lifeless from exhaustion on the kitchen floor.

The counters are covered with everything that hasn't already been packed and schlepped down the 100 steps, out the door, around the corner and up another flight of stairs into the kitchen that will be La Fourchette's new nest.

Yesterday's linge** hangs on a rack in the middle of the living room and on the radiator doing double duty:  drying itself and adding a welcome humidity to the sécheresse*** of winter.

I've still got a few things to take care of today before my work week begins tomorrow so although there is a slight chance that I may squeak it out today, this week's recipe may go up Tuesday - and it may be the delicious roasted veggie pasta that I tossed together rather than soup.  Thanks for your patience.  I'll try not to wear it thin...but I will try to give you something pretty to look at each day!

Before these little antique milk pitchers got wrapped up in film de protection à bulles****, the light was just right as they sat on the soft vintage towel on the kitchen table.  What's a girl to do but grab her camera?!  (This moving process could take a bit longer than expected if this keeps up!)

Hope your week gets off to a good start at your spot in the world.


* vacuum cleaner
** laundry
*** dryness
**** bubble wrap (I've also heard it called papier à bulles.)


Sara Louise said...

Best of luck packing! Happy Monday! :-)

la fourchette said...

Sara Louise, thanks! I'm lucky to be going just around the corner...and having taken my cue from you, I'm taking the fragile stuff myself! Happy Monday right back at you.

Char said...

the light is beautiful - wonderful shot

la fourchette said...

Thanks, Char!

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