Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Little World Views

Bonjour à tous*!

I thought I'd invite you to join me in a café crème and tartine this morning.  We're sitting at the café that looks out over the petit marché.  I've offered you the seat with the view of the market, of course...the only polite thing to do with guests...and besides, I see it all the time. 

Hope your day is off to a good start!


* good morning to all


Keith Eckstein said...


Great start here (although bitterly cold in rural Brittany!)

All the best


Sara Louise said...

Bonjour! :-)

la fourchette said...

Keith, brrrr...still winter, huh? Thanks for stopping in...and for all the great reads you put out there. I enjoy visiting your recommendations.

Sara Louise, cou cou, toi! (We're cool to tutoyer, right?) Hope things are going well au petit village...any sign of Pinky and Blue?!

donna said...

but wait!!!!!....i will join you as soon as i get my favorite "crescent amande" ......i believe it is found on rue espariat......and thanks for saving me the chair with the best view! right there..........

la fourchette said...

donna, at Paul's or the boulangerie across from my favorite boucherie, Poulain, is it? I'll wait to order and tell them, "J'attend quelqu'un." Dépêches-toi!

donna said...

across from the boucherie......(huffing-puffing).....i'm hurrying...running late!!!! oh..... s'il vous plait attendre!!!!!

la fourchette said... worries. I always bring a book. '}

donna said...

thnx : )

Jean said...

It was a good start here today - cold but some sunshine - so refreshing after the days and days of grey British weather !

Hope Ava said...

Wish I was in that chair partaking in that lovely spread! So glad you enjoyed my post on Lili Roze...I've literally never been so overwhelmed by a photographer's work!

I laughed out loud at your soup post, especially your joke about being surprised your mother knew how to leave a blog comment. Sounds like our mothers have a lot in common! :) Hope you're having a lovely week!

Hope Ava

la fourchette said...

Jean, I have friends in of them got soaked cycling to work one day this week. Sending you a little sunshine from these parts.

Hope Ava, Roze fills a frame, that's for sure: color, line, fantasy. It's all there, n'est-ce pas?
Oh my! If our mothers have a lot in common,! '}

Bonne nuit à tous!

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