Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little World Views

The light in these parts is so delicious. One can understand why this region has been a magnet for artists over the centuries.

I followed just such a wash of light the other day and landed at ...

...a brocante fair!

Bien sûr, the first thing to catch my eye would be these lovelies:

And if you were to ever find yourself on thin ice, these might come in handy:

Of course, one ultimately gravitates in the direction of one's ilk: les fourchettes!

Seemed a fitting end to the romp to stop at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party...



Keith Eckstein said...


I'm always on thin ice!

Think I need an airbag rather than skates though?

Congratulations on your return to blogging - very impressive!

All the best


leslie said...

Love your style of shooting pictures. Really lovely.

Tamsie said...

Pearls are my birth stone....Just a reminder :)

la fourchette said...

Keith, thanks so much! An airbag on thin ice, huh? You *are* a creative thinker! (And thanks again for the encouragement - it came at just the right moment.)

leslie, gosh...thanks so much. I've really been loving playing with soft focus stuff recently. I'll have to mix it up a bit so people don't think their eyesight is going! (And may I just say, your cookie photos made me swoon...will you be sharing that recipe?!)

Tamsie, note taken, baby sis...more pics of pearls whenever possible! That *is* what you meant, right?


laura said...

I love the pearl picture!

la fourchette said...

laura, thanks, m'dear! I'm a real 'pearl girl', too.

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