Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little World Views - Photo Shoot

What better way to take advantage of the soft light at the end of a winter day in Provence than a photo shoot?  I had the distinct pleasure of a little photo play with these three munchkins (and their lovely mom and dad) on Sunday afternoon.

I can only hope these three had half the fun that I had!



leslie said...

Good morning, Leslie
Lovely munckin photos. I haven't posted in a while but I do have to comment on your previous postcards.
Fabulous!!! The video of the little French girl was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. My son and I have watched and shared it with others. How do you say Oscar nomination in French.
Snowing here again. Have a great day.

la fourchette said...

leslie, thanks! They're adorable kids, non? And thanks for the compliment about the postcards, too.
How *do* you say 'Oscar nomination' in French?! Hmmmmm...worth looking into.

We've got more than enough sunshine spilling into the south of France at the moment so I'm sending some in the direction of the snowy corners of the world....yours should be arriving any moment now...


donna said...

i adore the last photo with all three...they look so loving...(oh PLEASE don't tell me that is a deception too...like my egg lady!!!!) LoL......it's going to be 75 here in SoCal....we have had a week of 70-80's.....people are wearing shorts.... loving it.....

Char said...

lovely shots, especially that last one

la fourchette said...

donna, no worries. Bursting two romantic notions in a week is a bit much...that shot was the real deal...they really are that sweet. Lovely sunshine here but c-c-c-c-c-old!

Char, thanks...I really love that last shot, too.


Virginia said...

Oh these are just a delight. Very well done. I'm sure their parents are thrillled!!!!

la fourchette said...

Virginia, thanks for the kind words. I always enjoy watching parents' reactions when I show them the results of a shoot of their kidlets. Priceless.

laura said...

Why are French children so much more adorable than American ones?

la fourchette said...

laura, I've often tossed around the same question...as for *these* adorable tots: Australian. But I can see how one might make the leap directly to French if measuring by the French-kid cute-o-meter.


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