Sunday, January 16, 2011

Little World Views

I'm offering a very little world view on this sunny Sunday.  Still packing.  Yesterday my universe consisted of boxes and boxes of books.

Today I tackle la cuisine

Bon dimanche!


donna said...

i feel your pain.....totally redid the inside of our home this summer...hubby and i boxed everything, and removed all furniture...had swedish flooring put in...walls resurfaced etc.....oh my!!! i was wiped out by the time we got it all back in.....i wish you a smooth transition to your new place....

la fourchette said...

donna, thanks! sounds like you *really* get it. I may have only 495 sq. ft. to sort and box...but I have 100 stairs to schlep those boxes down, then out the door, around the corner then up another flight of stairs. I'm bringing movers in for the big stuff but the fragile stuff...errrr...I'm happy to do that myself.

Thanks for stopping in to offer moral support! It's nice to see you.


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