Sunday, January 30, 2011

Postcard from Paris - Sunday edition

Oh, it was so hard to leave Paris, just about my favorite city in the world.

                                                                    Tony Visconti


...and as promised, a much-needed touch of spring!

How is it that even messy petals scattered beneath a table look perfect in Paris?

Bon dimanche à tous!


*Tasiaa said...

Hello Leslie,
thank you for visiting my blog.

O yes we all need a touch of spring.
Your pictures are fabulous.

I see you love *Provence* (so do I)and your dog!

A bientôt!

la fourchette said...

*Tasiaa, Thanks so much for stopping in...and even more for pulling a chair up to the table...and, of course, for the kind words.

Ah, yes. Like many others, I followed love and landed in's just that the "love" I followed was for the place itself! And, you know, I'd do it all over again.

Nice to meet you *Tasiaa.


Deborah said...

Oh, that table, chairs and scatter of dropped petals would look perfect ANYWHERE!

donna said...

sundays in paris are so nice....slower they seemed to be also in aix....i walked the flower markets...which leads me to your last pic.....i could just sit down there and stay awhile ......don't mind if i do......(growing up near LA has taught me the fine art of escapism - survival)

la fourchette said...

Deborah, I think you have a point with here. Perhaps I should keep this vignette in mind as I take the sticks out of my nest to re-establish it around the corner in the days ahead. When the disarray begins to get to me, I'll try a scatter of dropped petals!

Bonne fin de la journée...

la fourchette said...

donna, ahhhh yes! Something about the energy (or is it the traffic?!) in Los Angeles that brings out the dreamer in all of us! Sit yourself down and stay as long as you like - after all, for a few minutes here, it's Paris!

Enjoy your Sunday!

Sara Louise said...

I've been to Paris twice. And both times BEFORE I moved to France! I'm dying to hop on that TGV and head North :-)

la fourchette said...

Sara Louise, Check out the 'prem' fares. I think you can get an email prompt from scnf for updates to fab fares. Then it's just a case of hopping on the train. I'll look forward to hearing about your trip #3 to the City of Light.

Happy Monday!

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