Thursday, March 15, 2012

I've Got a Not-So-Secret

As if I have to tell you, I am totally over-the-moon about my iPhone camera(s)!  I should be their ambassador.  Contrary to this image, I have something for you to tell everyone you know!

Six of my images were requested to be included in an exposition at the NO/ID gallery in Toulon, France!

Croyez-vous encore que la caméra fait le photographe?
NO/ID* croit en la puissance créatrice du regard, une nouvelle façon de saisir l’instant : une vue, un angle, une idée. Cette forme d’expression, consiste à prendre des photos exclusivement avec un Smart Phone et de les traiter avec des applications…
Ce nouveau courant fait souffler un nouvel esprit créatif sur l’imagerie contemporaine, un langage artistique 2.0, impliquant un nombre croissant de créatifs de par le monde. Laissant tout un chacun des possibilités infinies puisque l’outil devient le prolongement de votre main …
La Galerie NO/ID* vous propose donc une exposition collective de ce nouveau courant créatif sous le nom : SMARTlife 2.0, à découvrir d’urgence à partir du jeudi 15 mars 2012.


Do you still believe that the camera is the photographer? NO / * ID believes in the creative power of the gaze, a new way to capture the moment: a view, an angle, an idea. This form of expression, is to take pictures with only a smart phone and deal with applications ...

This new wave blows a new creative spirit of contemporary imagery, language arts 2.0, involving a growing number of creatives around the world. 
Leaving everyone endless opportunities as the tool becomes an extension of your hand ... The Gallery NO / * ID therefore proposes a group exhibition of this new creative power under the name: SmartLIFE 2.0, check it out here from Thursday, March 15, 2012.

18 RUE D ANTECHAUS HAUTE VILLE, 83000 Toulon, France

The vernissage is this evening.  I'll share details tomorrow.

Yours in iPhone ecstasy,


Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Congratulations and well deserved/ I can't keep up with the rush of new technology. -I’m still grappling with my digital SLR.

déjà pseu said...

Fantastique! Have a lovely time.

Virginia said...

OH my dear I"m thrilled for you. I wish I could be at the vernissage to ooh and aah over your work. BTW, I've a photo of that same man on the building. I think you took yours at the Stravinsky fountain? Mine was small and in the Marais I think. Who is he? He looks so familiar.

labergerebasque said...

Felicitations!!! How do you get your id/name on your pictures?

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

Congratulations!! Perhaps your King Rene is blessing you?


Bubba's Person

Anonymous said...

How very wonderful for you, Leslie. Way to go! I must be the only person in the western world not to own an iPhone...but I do have an iPad.

I also love the graphic that you're sharing with us today. Is that in Aix?


leslie said...

Leslie that is so exciting! I can't wait to here the details. I have always loved your photography and I guess I'm not alone. Congrats!!

sanda said...

iPhone ecstasy. HAHA. Love it! And I can so identify with that. And I will say that your photographs inspire me!! Also, finding all those FREE apps, some of which are so cool. I will be looking forward to your report from the vernissage. Should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Leslie. I've used my IPhone a lot for picture taking and love it! It beats the heck out of the rather large and bulky cameras with the gigantic lens.

la fourchette said...

wow! waaaay behind!

Elizabeth, thank you!!

déjà pseu, and thank you!!

Virginia, awwww...thanks! I would have loved your company...I'm quite confident that you would have been a great ice-breaker! Yes, this is near Centre Pompidou...and I happened to have seen the artist interviewed on the news when I was staying in Paris! Don't remember a name nor do I know his subject on this piece...but now my interest is piqued! ;}

labergerebasque, with the image on your screen in iPreview, there's a little 'crayon'-type icon. Click on it and a little menu drops down. Click on text and then you can draw a text box anywhere on the image and type in your text. That text box can then move about wherever you'd like it to go. Clear?

BP, perhaps?!? one never knows! Could be that I live in the shadow of Mont Ste. Victoire!

Emily, Thanks so much!! No...this is in Paris...near the Centre Pompidou...but I liked it. ;}

leslie, details are out...and thanks so much...a very lovely compliment...from a great photographer, no less! thanks.

sanda, thank you! that's very cool!

Kris, many thanks!! and yes, this beats the heavy slr hands down!

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