Friday, March 02, 2012

Little World Views - Drenched...

 ... in sunshine, that is.

March came in like a lamb, looked around, put on a pair of shades and baaaaaahhhsked in the sun all day long.  (Sorry, I just couldn't pass that one up.)

We all took advantage of the gorgeous soleil...whether we were at a café or just bathing in our own pool of the this fellow:

Have a fabulous Friday!

Yours in stocking feet, too,


déjà pseu said...

Ah, there's nothing like that first warm day of spring...enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Ah...nothing like basking in the sun on your balcony. It is sunny here today but a bit windy and cooler than yesterday.

Hope you have a great weekend Leslie. Hit a few flea markets for me!

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

When you go to the beach, do you just walk or ride a bike with Bodhi in a basket?

Bubba's Person

PS We just walk.

AL said...

How glorious so soak up the early spring sun in such a magnificent setting. Sitting on that balcony would be a great reading spot.

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