Saturday, March 10, 2012

Squeakin' in on Saturday

Whew!  Just barely time to show up to say I didn't forget.  My week flew by at 100 mph and by last night, I was fried.  Today was spent doing some much-needed quiet restoring and re-ordering my very introverted soul.

I'm sharing a splash of provençale color your way from sunset in the 'hood. 

Couvent des Augustins, Aix en Provence

Sometimes color is simply a must.

Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday!

Yours in recharge mode,


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I love this color! It is one of the hardest colors to duplicate when trying to obtain that lovely shade of burnt orange/ocher to put onto walls.

I hope your battery is starting to recharge!

donna said...

loving the weeks been colorful....have a friend in town staying with me from Sydney Aus.......met her on a trip in the Luberon...we only talked 30 mins. and then went our own way....we have been from Urth caffe in West Hollywood to Gaslight district in S.D. and heading out to tennis in Indian Wells soon.....been on the run!

donna said...

you can certainly tell i don't live in S.D. it's Gaslamp Quarter huh? oh well........

la fourchette said...

Kris, This is the land of ochre...and the pigment comes in many tones...and doing it with other than pigment...yes, nigh unto impossible...I've tried! Battery still being charged...thanks!

donna, ahhhh! my old stomping ground...i knew exactly what you meant! ;} sounds like a lovely week...welcome back! (i love the urth caffe aussi!) enjoy the rest of the weekend...see you when you've landed!

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