Monday, March 05, 2012

The Bodhi Bonus

Bodhi's stopping in to wish a 'bonne nuit' à tous!

My 100th photo posted on instagram went up just this evening - and this was it. (Instagrammers can follow me at lafourchette, by the way. ) En plus, 'lafourchette' has been invited to participate in an art exposition taking place in Toulon next week.  Six of my images will be included in a showing at the NO/ID Galerie!  Wooohooo!  My little French life is getting interesting!

Now tell me, is this not one of the most adorable dogs on the planet?! 

Bonne nuit...from me, too,


déjà pseu said...

Oh, that FACE!!! Très mignon!!

leslie said...

Hi Leslie,
Thank you for your comments on my blog. I so appreciate feed back. I have to say these eyes are really speaking to me! Haha. Always love stopping by to visit you.

la fourchette said...

déjà pseu, la part de bodhi! I totally agree!

leslie, thanks for stopping in! always nice to see you.

Anonymous said...

Would you look at that sweet and adorable face! Who couldn't love Bodhi? My friend has just purchased a sweet little 7 week old fluff ball that is all white except for his paws which are black. I believe it is a Yorkie. It is so adoreable.

While tending to some things for my friend yesterday, her 9 year old terrier escaped from inside her apartment and had me chasing her all around the complex. She is blind in one eye and I was afraid she would get hit in the parking lot. Every time I got within two feet of her and could grab her, she took off. She thought I was playing a game with her. I was exhausted and after 20 minutes another friend of hers saw her and grabbed her collar or I would still be chasing her!

Congrats on you're art exposition!

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