Friday, March 16, 2012

The Day After...

Let me give you a peek into my little French life...

First, let me say how truly delighted I was to be a part of the SmartLife exposition in Toulon...yes, I was in attendance at the vernissage last evening.  After a day of work, I hopped onto a mini-bus to get to the gare routière where I boarded the navette (shuttle bus) to Marseille to catch the train.  The traffic into Marseille was exceptional due to construction at the exit from the autoroute, so we were backed up for several minutes trying to get into the city entrance and thus to the train station. 

Once there, I tried to get on my intended train (that was still on the track) but it was too late and I had to wait 30 minutes for the next one...which I did manage to catch, putting me into the train station in Toulon at around 8:30 pm. (The vernissage began at 6:30...but no worries, these things are loose, non?) 

As I don't know the the city at all (and even though I had mapped out an itinerary ahead of time), I wasn't sure about getting from the station to the gallery so I took a cab.  (It was less than a mile.)  I stepped out of the cab (like Cinderella from her pumpkin) and onto the sidewalk where a swarm of 20- and 30-somethings (which was totally expected - we're talking digital iPhone photography exhibit, after all!) dressed in black were all gathered to smoke as it is now illegal to smoke inside public buildings in France.  (Yay, France!) 

I stepped into the gallery as discretely as possible as I really only wanted to see my stuff on the wall - and besides, I now needed to make this a quick visit in order to catch a train back! 

I came, I saw, I conquered ...errr....I tried to be as invisible as possible.  I enjoyed looking at everyone's work and chatted briefly with the gallery owner before leaving to be able to catch my train back to Marseille, then the navette back to Aix, then walk the rest of the way home as the mini buses do not run at night.  About six hours in total for a 10 minute peek at my images hanging on the wall. 

This is life 1) without a car (which mostly I love) and 2) as an introvert (I'm often mistaken for a 'people person'...but really, no...not so much.  Stepping into unknown crowds and making small-talk...not really my cuppa.)

What a pleasure, though to see my images among the others in the showing.  The collection of everyone's images shows very nicely and I couldn't be more pleased to be a part of it.

As I write this, I'm between clients and the wall I've been racing toward at 100 miles an hour all week is looming large.  The image above was shot with the intention of bring an artistic spin to light and shadow...but it actually mirrors the state of my little introverted soul at the moment.  And as I didn't get any shots of last night's gig (yes, an introvert who is also rather shy in aforementioned crowds), this seemed just perfect. 

Thanks to all for your lovely comments yesterday!  I soaked up all of your congratulatory wishes and took them with me as I made my journey there.  Merci, mille fois!

Yours...spread just a little too thin...but artistically...


Anonymous said...

Bless you sweet little heart! What a trip just to catch a peek at your exhibit. I feel like you do in a's not my cuppa either. When I was younger, I was very extroverted but as I've grown older not so much now. I would have quickly took a peek and left before anyone saw me. Its funny, husband use to be the introvert and I the extrovert now it has switched with him being the talkative and social one and me just the opposite. Sigh...time certainly changes things!

So glad you had your images included in the collection.

Yours in the introverted way,


Elizabeth Eiffel said...

A gold star for your efforts to get to the exhibition and home again. It is difficult when you are spread "too thinly"...........the price for being talented and generous of spirit.
I smiled at your comments about "stepping into unknown crowds and making small-talk...not really my cuppa,"and being an introverted soul, because that would summarise my personality. However their is an extrovert lurking somewhere within..... perhaps that is why I love to express myself through photography and blogging.

Bon weekend

la fourchette said...

oh man, I am much farther behind than I thought!

Kris, what a sweet comment. thank you! Carl Jung always thought that introverts get more extroverted and extroverts get more introverted as they age. Me, I think I've just become a more authentic introvert: I don't try to be polite if I need time to myself. If people understand, great. If they don't, that's fine, too. I don't take care of them anymore. I'm waaaaaay introverted...and it always takes people by surprise because I'm actually very personable...when I've had enough time to myself to recharge my battery. But when I've not...errr...not so pretty, that.

Elizabeth, merci, ma belle. such nice things you are saying. and yes, blogging is a great way for the extrovert to come out to for me is still pretty to the shows and suchlike...I like showing the work (artists do, don't they?) but I'd be happy to just watch people enjoy it without talking to them. Yes, that's just how introverted I am.

happy week to all!

AL said...

I'm only just catching up on past wonderful that you have pictures at the exposition. I'm thrilled for you Leslie. The trip to the gallery sounds like an adventure in itself! Well done all round my friend.

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