Monday, March 05, 2012

Little World Views

I have a new lens that I'm playing a result, something sweet to start your week...

Let me add a note of thanks and welcome to all of the new followers from Une Femme!  I'm happy you're here.

Have a lovely start to your week - wherever you may be!

Yours in the flower market with a new macro lens,


donna said...

very sophisticated!....when one is waiting for spring the flower market is such a hopeful place....when i did a winter or two in Ohio i practically lived at the florist's green house.....i needed the green therapy

Kris said...

Absolutely stunning! I love close-ups of flowers. They appear so life like. I really like your new lens!

la fourchette said...

donna, i'm totally with you on that whole 'green therapy' thing. 'sophisticated'...thank you! seems fitting after nun's farts, non?! ;}

Kris, thank you! Me, close-ups of flowers. I'm loving the new lens as well!

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