Monday, March 12, 2012

Plein de Soleil

Full of sunshine. 

Enough of it for this adorable couple to have enjoyed ice cream as they soaked up the rays fountain-side yesterday. 

But note:  still chilly enough for our winter wear.  We only have to peel and replace coats and such as we move in and out of that lovely sunshine....or as it moves around the sky.

Seasonal transitions are like that, aren't they?

Hope you're all enjoying whatever this transitional time is bringing your way...and that your week is off to a great start!

Yours ... swamped in administrative Monday tasks,

ps:  her shoes?  purple!  see what i mean?!  'adorable'!!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, purple second most favorite color! The weather has been the same here too. Over the weekend the temperature dropped to 40 degrees and rained all weekend. Today, it will be 78 degrees and sunny with a 20% chance of rain and the rest of the week the temperatures will also be staying in the high 70's and sunny. A far cry from the 40's three days ago!!

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Wish I were there! The weather is also in transition here, 70 to 80 deg with beautiful autumn light.

la fourchette said...

Kris, our méteo is looking very similar to yours: we've really warmed up! It's like that here: cold then snap! SUMMER.

la fourchette said...

Elizabeth Eiffel, Lovely! We are still in spring light but it's starting to get 'white'...we lose that lovely south-of-france glow during the summer. sigh.

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