Thursday, December 08, 2011

Little World Views - Festival of Lights

Les Deux Garçons café puts a little twinkle in our eyes!

This famous hangout for authors and artists alike is the jewel in the crown of cafés that line the sunny side of cours Mirabeau.  Just imagine Paul Cezanne, Emile Zola and Ernest Hemingway gathering at this terrace café, breaking out the cigars, swapping tales and warming their insides with a chocolat chaud absinthe.

I have my favorite 'cantines' and don't go into this place very often but when I happen to slip in for a schweppes to take the edge off of summer temps,  or to warm my face over a crème or chocolat chaud to fend off a winter chill, I think of all the interesting characters that have passed through the same doors, climbed the same staircase, looked out the same windows to the street below.  Makes me want to break out a cigar to feel like one of the gang!



donna said...

OH MY GOODNESS.....i love that pic..... the artist in me loves everything that is going on there......when i was in Aix i didn't eat there, but stared long and hard just trying to visualize it all....btw i did have a great aunt who taught art at Pasadena City College....she had a horse ranch in San Marino we would visit....and yes...she smoked cigars

Anonymous said...

I love the blue lights...of course blue is my favorite color. Yes, Leslie I can just see you sitting in the cafe sipping on a little absinthe and breaking out your cigar. I bet you would fit right in and be one of the guys!


Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

Why not just order a chocolate crape instead of a cigar. You are not a boy!!! :)))) BTW, they also had the crapes.

You might even share a piece of crape with Bodhi!

Bubba's Person

la fourchette said...

donna, merci, ma belle. I think I would like your aunt! My cigar smoking days are behind me ... but believe me, there was a phase now known as 'my cigar-smoking days'! ;}

Kris, I'm with you on the blue lights! I think it may be a holdover from my marriage to a Jewish fellow - who loved Christmas trees but made me vow to never tell his mother we had one. He also would *only* call it a "hannukah bush". (And I'm thinking cigar and pastis...not sure I could manage absinthe - from what I've heard!)

BP, the chocolate crèpe is probably more my speed today...but there was a time...

By the way, with that "you are not a boy" comment, you'd fit right in with some of the very conventional French men here! One, who upon seeing me in a pair of overalls - with an altogether darling body suit which gave it an entirely different 'spin', mind you - actually stepped out of a Provençale traditional-dress parade to ask, finger-wagging and all, "Are you a 'garçon'?", couldn't he tell from the darling bodysuit?! (I find overalls are perfect for my camera gear...and with the right bodysuit, can even look stylish. But don't ask the guy who stepped out of the parade...wearing a ruffled shirt and knickers!)

Now pass me a cigar!

Paul said...

Bonjour, Mesdames,

Tout d'abord, merci Leslie, pour tes photos et tes commentaires... je les adore!
Deuxièmement, si vous me permettez,je vous éclaire le mystère de la délice culinaire que vous mentionnez... la bonne orthographe du mot n'est pas "crèpe" et certainement pas "crape"... Il s'agit plutôt de "crêpe"!
Let me continue en anglais for those who are not following me. The circumflex accent above the first "e" means (as it does in most French vowels) that an "s" has been omitted following it somewhere between French and Latin. Etymologically speaking, the word is related to English "crisp"... I think you can see how they relate.
Leslie, écris davantage en français... ton français est très bon!
Bon week-end à tous!
Hot Springs, Arkansas

la fourchette said...

Paul, vous avez raison! Merci pour la correction. I knew there was an accent in there - but this was more of a throw-of-a-quick-dart-at-the-spinning-accent-wheel kind of attempt. Note to self: pay attention to those accents! Second note to self: be grateful for native French speakers who read La Fourchette and are kind enough to stop in to give a lesson...and a very nice (if undeserved) compliment while he's at it! Merci, encore, monsieur.

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