Friday, December 16, 2011

The Bodhi Bonus

A note to share a day in the little French life of Bodhi... he enjoyed his day at "l'institute de beauté" at Prince de Sud.  Bruno is his "stylist" and he had to call in another from the team for the cut yesterday as Bodhi is extra fluffy in the winter temps.

Too cute not to I'm sure you'll agree!



Anonymous said...

Aw...he his adorable! I love his lil' fur coat! You know, I read once that dogs always start to take on the look of their owners. Do you think Bodhi looks like you?


John Atkinson said...

Bodhi looks a little unsure...

la fourchette said...

Kris, he *is* adorable, isn't he? It's not just me. And funny you should ask...I don't necessarily pick up on the resemblance but others do - usually pointing out that we have similar haircuts!

John, (How lovely to see you!) are picking up on an essential detail here: he's not a fan of this 'traitement de beauté'. He loves his bath at home and he seems to like smelling good (until we enter the gates of the park and then he seems to be a bit sensitive about being different from all the other dogs) but he doesn't love the whole 'fluff and puff' regimen every eight weeks. When I showed up this time, he started 'talking' to me right away...which I translated as 'No, really. I'm done and I'm ready to go home. NOW!'


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