Tuesday, December 06, 2011

La Fourchette's Festival of Lights - A Work In Progress

Some in our fine ville are still in process.  This duo was putting the final touches constructing their design that appears to involve greens, spray paint and drapes of cascading lights at the entrance of a new boutique hotel just around the corner from Les Deux Garçons...which you can see is already adorned in lighted finery.

The entire place is taking on the air of a major wonderland.

Although, truth be told, when I walked past our graceful old Palais de Justice last night to find it smeared with lipstick-red light, I thought it more like a bordello around here...but that's become a pet peeve of mine since the mayor has been putting her...may I say?..."tasteless" touches all around town.  Unfortunately, she's hit some of my favorite corners.  Take, for example, the trio of spotlights she's had mounted over my beloved fountain in the place down the rue with ... wait for it ... unbelievably harsh-looking lights that change from blue...to green...to red!  OMD! (Oh.Mon.Dieu!)  Will someone please talk to this woman?!?  Or vote her out of office before she squeezes every last ounce of charm out of this place!

But I digress from our purpose.  Back to our festival!  More lights tomorrow...

and a petite note:  these images are being posted a bit larger than usual and to see them in their fullest state, you need to click directly on the image to load it into a lightbox for viewing.  Otherwise, the right side is sliced off by the margin and I've just not figured out where to go into the html to adjust it.  In the meantime, click and enjoy!

à demain,

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate it when someone turns a beautiful display into something ugly...garrish, and harsh. You know, there is always that one house in the neighborhood that puts lights on every square inch of a house, plastic lawn ornaments of Santa and Reindeers on their roofs, and other inflatable Christmas decorations out in their yard.

It makes me wonder, "What were they thinking". I will never understand that. I'm a believer in "less is more" , definitely more tasteful and certainly more enjoyable to look at! LOL

donna said...

loving those lights.......looked up the mayor just out of interest.......hmmmm......she's interesting........ah she could never squeeze ALL the charm from the place....it's too rooted in history.......keep those lights a-coming.....and curtsy back to you

la fourchette said...

Kris, yup! Sounds like you *really* get what's got my little French chevre. Any interest in running for mayor?! ;}

donna, so glad you're enjoying this season of lights! 'interesting'...to say the least! more lights on the way...and by the way: ohhhhh...*that* kind of angel... ;}

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