Monday, December 05, 2011

La Fourchette's Festival of Lights

With a grateful curtsy to gentle reader donna
we begin 
La Fourchette's Festival of Lights.

Lights!  Camera!  Celebrate!

Enjoy the lights through the month!


donna said...

you're an angel of lights.....thanks

Anonymous said...


Beautiful photo! I love looking at twinkling lights so I will thoroughly enjoy viewing your lights through December.


la fourchette said...

donna, 'angel'...errr....perhaps not. lover of playing with light? Absolutely. I had planned a veritable light show for the season but you provided the inspiration to formalize it! Aix is so charming at this season.

Kris, merci, m'dear. I'm pleased that you're enjoying it! We could all use a little twinkle at the moment, non?

bonne nuit à tous!

Anonymous said...

This will be fun! I love to see how places I've visited decorate for the holidays. (I'm having trouble signing in, so today I'll sign in as "anonymous."


Jean said...

Lovely !!
Looking forward to many more.

Carla said...

Lights lights lights we cannot get enough of them at this time of year can we............fabulous!
Carla x

la fourchette said...

Emily, hello! So nice to see you...blogger hiccups aside. Yes, I agree. It's fun to see places we know only through brief visits in other seasons. Join us as often as you can to share the light.

Jean, merci! Many more are lined up to light up the nights...and days!

Carla, isn't that the truth. Kind of makes those early pagans seem like they were onto something, huh? (and thanks!)

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