Sunday, December 04, 2011

Lighting Up the Night...

...or at least dusk as night falls.

Bon dimanche...or what's left of it!



la Brocanteuse said...

Oh how beautifull Leslie..and I long for a cold wintry Christmas season..
Col ~ Afrique du Sud

Anonymous said...


This photo is so pretty. I love the way they have strung those lights. So magical and festive.


donna said...

i shall name these seasonal pics "Leslie's Festival of LIghts" it

la fourchette said...

Col, merci! So nice to see you! We are wondering *if* we're going to have a cold and wintry season - let alone holiday! Hope all is well en Afrique du Sud...

Kris, thank you! I agree - although I miss the carpet of lights that used to canopy over our cours Mirabeau in years past. I'm saving that for later in the month.

donna, i think you're onto something here! i'm going to take your tip here - and just make one little tweak ... you'll have to come back to see tomorrow!

lovely to see you all...and know the rest of you are out there!


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