Tuesday, December 13, 2011

La Fourchette's Festival of Lights - Light at the End of the Tunnel

...or at least a light at the other side of this tunnel.

As to our Mardi Meteo, we are still enjoying mild temps in these parts.  Ever-so-lovely, this long transition.  I've hardly had to don my mittens and the trees at the local plaza down the street, usually bare by now, are still boasting a full complement of leaves - golden though they may be.  I suspect *this* is how people envision winter in the south of France.  Ahhh...if only...

And you?



Boho Farm and Home said...

I envision Chirstmas in the South of France to be beautiful, having lovely creches everywhere and mulled wine and truffles! If I am wrong, don't burst my bubble. :)

Joyeux Noël!

Anonymous said...


We too are having a mild winter thus far. It is 50 degrees here and the rest of the week seems to be in this range through Sunday with cloudy days and rain.

That's as good as it gets this time of year for Texas...maybe some snow in January...a dusting or maybe enough that the kids will get out of school for a couple of days! HA


Julie Farrar said...

I made my way here from Claire McA's blog. After scrolling down your home page and looking at all the pictures of Christmas lights on French streets I'm so homesick for that country even though I don't live there. All of your pictures look exactly like the ones I took the year my husband and I got to stay in Dijon until the Christmas season started. It was always magical walking down the streets in the evening.

la fourchette said...

Caroline, those are all parts of the holiday in our little 'hood. No bubble-bursting necessary. (Whew!)

Kris, I was really surprised to hear myself saying how mild it was here and then translating the celcius temps to Farenheit for someone: suddenly 50ish seemed like it should feel colder...but it doesn't. I guess one might call this 'acclimation'.

Julie, So pleased to have you visit. I've heard about those Dijon lights. I may need to do a bit of exploring up there one day soon. Welcome back anytime!


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