Friday, December 02, 2011

Jingle All The Way!

Bon weekend à tous!



laura said...

France this time? I love how you capture the light. I tried to take some pictures of the lights in Vieux Lille, but they didn't quite turn out.

Aixcentric said...

A lovely photo of London. I'm looking forward to being there next week for our English family Christmas - but then it's a big wrench to leave Aix and the elegant lights in the cours Mirabeau!

Anonymous said...

Hope you also have a great weekend. What will you be up too?


la fourchette said...

laura, still London...but I'll make the switch tomorrow and be back in home territory. The lights in Aix are lovely. You're right: the French know how to light up a holiday night. I had some London light shots fizzle, too. The type that move are tough to catch - that's for sure. (and thanks...)

Aixcentric, merci! You lucky girl - heading to London for your holiday! Have a lovely time. I know what you mean about our local lights. I always miss that carpet of lights down cours Mirabeau from a few years ago, but this year's show is stunning. Safe travels!

Kris, Thanks - and back at you! I'm headed to a cooking class tomorrow somewhere in the Luberon at an old mas (farmhouse). I don't know a lot of the details as I simply accepted the invitation from a girlfriend who was a part of the group putting it together...and I'm *really* looking forward to it! I'll share details when I return.

bon weekend à tous!

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