Saturday, December 10, 2011

La Fourchette's Festival of Lights - A Little Bit of Bling

This is where my watch is in the hospital under observation:

There I was, walking along, minding my own business when I turned a corner and ... bam!  The heel of one of my very cute and very fashionable little bottines slipped on an errant leaf and just like that I was down.  Of course, I caught my fall by sticking my hand out in a typically instinctive move...and as effective as that little reflex was in softening my fall, *that* hand happened to also be the hand upon which I wear my watch...worn rather loosely like a bracelet.  

That's right...instead of *my* face being mashed into the stone walkway, it was the face of my watch that took the grit in its teeth.  Yup, one of those fancy-schmancy watches that lasts a life time. ouch.  Now it's on life-support in the Hospital For Fine Watches Worn By Clumsy Women.  

Fingers crossed. 

I'm at an art fair today.  Send your good thoughts that the cards are a hit!  Of course, I've no idea how long I'll be there...uhhhh, no watch!

Enjoy the weekend.



donna said...

even though the watch took the brunt of the fall....i am sure you are glad that the wrist didn't......watched a woman take a nasty fall while i was there in Aix.....hubby and i were walking to was of luck on your card sales!!!! X (and those are my crossed fingers for you)

laura said...

Sorry to hear about your watch!

la fourchette said...

donna, i think i was quite lucky - or nevermind. i'm thinking it was lucky. i see those falls all.the.time here. i just hate it when it's *me*. and thanks!

laura, awww...thanks! (have you seen your parents' dog on tiptoe yet?)

bisous à tous!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your watch and I hope it can be repaired.

Seriously, I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself! Recently, I got out of our car and was walking on a curb near where the car tire was and I slipped and fell flat on my knees! I scraped them pretty good. One thing I've noticed as I age, falls like that one or any for that matter really seem to shake me up now! It was a week later that I suffered a soreness in that leg and arm!

Glad you weren't hurt!

Good luck at the fair! Good thoughts headed your way.


la fourchette said...

Kris, many thanks for your good thoughts! They - along with many others - worked! It was a lovely day and cards sold! yippppeeee.

Now down to business: I have two words for you for any falls - arnica montana. This little homeopathic remedy is a miracle-worker! I started popping those little suckers tout de suite and no bruising! None. Zip. Nada. Rien...du tout! I hope the need doesn't arise again, but just in case...keep this handy.


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