Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Wednesday Window on Provence

My current fashionable attire...

...because, yup!  It's still a-stormin' out there! 

Something more suitable for my adorable, high-stepping Bodhi might be found in this assortment.... go along with his tutu. 

No, just kidding.  He does have a lovely hand-knitted hoodie for the winter months but no tutu...yet! 

And yes, since you asked...that is a halo!

Watery good wishes from this soggy corner of the south of France,
leslie...and bodhi


donna said...

Hey Bodhi....i've got the answer to that rainy day foot dance....J Crew makes something called "rainy day ballet flats"....AND they have them in blue!!!!.....they are rubber, and waterproof and quite "stylin'"......check them out

Anonymous said...

Aw, this is such a sweet post! Sorry it is still a'stormin. It is very cool here today but sunny and crisp. This is my kind of weather. Did you know, that in Texas they don't get their first frost until November 25?


la fourchette said...

donna, what a great idea! of course, we've had so much rain here that those little flats would be floating like rubber duckies atop the puddles but they sound like *perfect* california rainy day shoes! do you have some? (between you and me, i'm not sure i can these approved by bodhi...i've already tried socks with him...if you've *seen* how dirty the streets are in aix, you won't have to ask what that was all about.

Kris, awww, shucks. Thanks. Sounds like perfect autumn weather in your 'hood. Lovely. That's a late frost! wow! Enjoy between now and then - crisp and sunny...mmmm.


Anonymous said...

Bodhi's Person,

He is so cute and such a sweetheart. I'll bet you love him more and more everyday!! He is deserving.

Bubba's Person

la fourchette said...

BP, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks this! And yes, more and more each day.


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