Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Paris, Je T'Aime!

You and your summer blue skies! 

I know a fluffy little dog who will be doing the Happy Dance when he sees blue skies again.  He doesn't like to get his feet wet, you see.  He's a sight when we go for our afternoon walk between downpours:  he tiptoes down the cobblestones with a modified high-step - a move he must have learned from some fancy-stepping horse somewhere when I wasn't watching!

Here's to blu-er skies!

splish - Ciao - splash...


laura said...

My/my parents' dog walks on his tip toes even when there isn't rain! I make fun of him for it.

Beautiful photograph as usual!

Virginia said...

I love window reflections, and yours is grand because you really can see the blue sky! Happy Dance on!!!!

donna said...

i adore that shot....lots of things going on there....heading off to a favorite vegan cafe with a friend....it has THE best soups (asparagus is my fav)....and earl grey granitas! we are enjoying blue skies again after a couple of days of rain......

Anonymous said...


HA, HA, HA. This so reminds me of my Josie when she was alive. She would NOT go outside when it was raining...she would hold it until it stopped. HAHA I use to laugh at her as she would stubbornly sit on her hind legs and just dare me to take her out!

That part about the "fancy-stepping" is hilarious!


Emily said...

My little white boy avoids rain puddles too. However, whenever my late little Westie saw a puddle, he would race as fast as his short little legs could move and jump into the middle, splashing merrily away. He also loved to splash in the ocean, unlike my current boy. Glad you and Mr. B. have a respite from the rain.

la fourchette said...

laura, Oh! I'm going to tell Bodhi this one! He'll be so glad to know he's not alone. (and thanks for your sweet words...she says with a curtsy...)

Virginia, Thanks! One of those 'happy accidents' (worthy of a 'happy dance') to see how blue the sky appeared in this shot...one always hopes!

donna, awwww...shucks. thanks. mmmm...asparagus soup! enjoy the soup - and the blue skies! (and the earl gray granita...there's a twist!)

Kris, Bodhi *hates* to go out when it rains. He looks up at me like, "Really?!?! You expect me to do what in this mess?!?" ;} I know I see other dogs romping it up in the rain...but that's just not my Bodhi.

Emily, Bodhi is no fan of the seaside, either. He loves the sand and sitting under an umbrella...but the water...errr... not so much...

...unless it's his bath - he loves his bath...in fact, anything that smells good...Sephora, the soap section of Monoprix, his former French babysitter - who always smelled great! In fact, the only time he doesn't like things that smell good is when it happens to be *him* after one of those aforementioned baths and we're headed into the park...at which point his tail drops and he slinks in...as if to say: "But the other kids are going to tease me about how good I smell...I don't smell like all the other dogs. I just know I don't." Which is fine when it's just us two...but he gets a little sensitive when he enters 'dog world'. He immediately heads for the stinkiest spot he can find on the grass to roll around and mask his pretty smell...and then is all too happy to hop in the bath and start all over again!

It's tough living in two realities, non?!

So lovely to see you all! Thanks for coming in...

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