Friday, November 18, 2011

Little World Views

The wall on the left is the back of what is now the Court of Appeals.  Back in the day, it was the prison.
Bonne fin de la semaine tout le monde!


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Anonymous said...


Even the backs of prisons are beautiful in France. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Madame LER,

Is this an exact replica of the Bastille? :)))))

Bubba's Person

PS Is it true that the other day that you dropped your baguette in the rain?

devis said...

What kind of light filter was used for this picture. It is really out of this world

la fourchette said...

devis, thanks...I take absolutely no credit - it's my new iPhone. All credit goes to the team at Apple. Yay team Apple! I'm in love with this new toy.

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